About Us & Pineapple Club

Spiezle Apparel creates original apparel, as well as premium clothing for Pineapple Club and its sister restaurant, Bee's Knees.

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  • Grandpa Bill

    Spiezle Clothing was established in New Jersey in the early 1900's by William (Bill) Spiezle.

  • Start

    Spiezle's clothing was a fixture in Trenton New Jersey until the building was lost due to eminent domain.

  • Now

    Today it continues in New York by virtue of his great-grandson, Josh Spiezle.

Spiezle Clothing

  • Spiezle & Sons is the love child of Josh Spiezle and Pineapple Club - a Cocktail Bar and Restaurant in East Village, New York. Formed in 2020 (the same year as PC), we create and deliver apparel filled with the same passion as the restaurants they originate from.

  • Although we just started with Pineapple Club, apparel for Bee's Kees, and 'Spiezle & Sons Originals' is now available.